FluidReview for Developers


Welcome to the FluidReview API Documentation.

The following document will detail the use of the FluidReview RESTful API. Please note that this API speaks JSON (by default), YAML, and XML. To provide the API with your desired format, you can send a 'format' paramater (either GET or POST) with the value of 'json', 'yaml' or 'xml'.


To authenticate with the FluidReview API, a POST request with the following information should be sent to:
http://{Your Site URL}/api/authenticate/

email: {The email address registered to your site's administrative account}
password: {The password of your site's administrative account}

The following information will be returned.

user_id: {the identifier of the user you are now authenticated as}
token: {the access token you will be using with the API}
expires: {the time in which this token will expire}

For each subsequent call to the API, you will need to provide an unexpired access token (as either a GET or POST parameter). Tokens are "rolling" - each call to the API will return a new token value which you will need to use for your next request.

Note: Tokens will expire after 24 hours..